About Portugal V France yesterday?

Im a fan of Ronaldo okay but why is the attention on Ronaldo about the match yesterday? He got injured and gotten off the pitch. Portugal won without CR7. Only won 1 match before the finals (the rest are draw). In the finals, he did not scored the winning goal, its Eder yet all the media are on Ronaldo. Why is this?

  • Because he symbolises the portugese team
  • because we all know the story of ronnie wanting to win euros since 2004
  • Because people love handsome guys and he's a superstar athlete
  • other
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  • When we talk about Portugal team we talk about Ronaldo not the other player. He said he want to win a cup with the Portugal and even cry. So in fact Portugal play the game for him and win for him.
    It's like this i see the things. And also because people who doesn't know well or watch football a lot doesn't really know the other player; they only know the most famous.


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  • He's the captain. He was in the 2004 final when he was just 19. He's been the face of Portugal for years now. He's won 3 Balon D'Or, several golden boots, have many records... he's the #1 of the team. If Argentina would have won the Copa America with Messi not doing anything in that game, he would have still been the center of attention, cause he's the superstar of Argentina.

    Also, it's not like Ronaldo didn't want to play, or played bad, he had to be substituted because they injured him.
    He scored goals that helped his team reach the final, so if it wasn't for him, most likely Portugal would have never reached the final.

    That's why the attention is all on him.


What Girls Said 3

  • I don't know about any of the stuff you just said, but that was some fucking awesome soccer!


  • Lol if people love handsome guys wouldn't they focus on Sanches instead?
    Might just be me but I think he's way more handsome than that drama queen.

  • Ronaldo is so damn hot


What Guys Said 3

  • Vote C

    He's a great footballer. One of the best of all times. He has broken a lot of records. And he's handsome + controversial.

    That's why he has the biggest fan base in the football world. So, if any good thing happens to his team, all credit goes to him because of his blind followers.

    He knows how to lead. Even if he was injured, he managed to get back to the pitch and gathered attention. His fanboys are calling him a better manager than Arsene Wenger who led invincible team. They say "Ronaldo managed 20 minutes and won Europa while Arsene is manager for over 30 years and is a failure"

    Same thing we say in Champions league final. He voluntarily scored the last penalty to take all of the credit while it was Ramos who scored the actual goal.

    But you cannot argue with the fans. They'll admire him blindly. Media is using him to get more clicks and earn profit.

  • noone but the girl from portugal cares bro

  • Bexause France went dirty play and injured him but eben if not on field, he was on sides yelling at them supporting them cheering them