How can I ever get rid of the fear of pregnancy?

Well I do plan on having a child after finishing college but I fear pregnancy.

The thought of being there at hospital, screaming in pain and that something might go wrong freaks me out.

That would suck if my fear overwhelms me so much that I wouldn't even be able to have a child with the right man in the future.


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  • I've heard many times that when people are going through labour, its painful yes but what's more on their mind is they just want to get it over with and when its time to push your body feels the URGE. So your body is doing what its naturally supposed to do. It probably isn't as bad as you're thinking after all your body prepares for 40 weeks more or less to do this. No birth plan ever goes perfectly and thats okay.

    • Thank you. Hopefully it isn't as bad as I think it is by the time I become a mother. I want to have a child after finishing college.

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