I can't save word document (to big)?


I can't save my word document, when I try 'save as' I get the window I type the name, it loads a bit and than I get the window again... I tried to compress the images but it doesn't help...
It's says that the size of the word document is 25,4 MB (although it says 'not yet saved 'quickly) and it stays like that...

What can I do about it and what causes this problem?

I have around 8000 object in my word document not big ones, can this be the cause of this problem?

I can save other word documents so it's just this one that I can't save...


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  • Split it in two.

    • i can't because I need to send it to my teachers as one pdf... I can save it as pdf tho, but what if I see some mistakes etc...

What Girls Said 1

  • Don't panic. Copy-paste your work and try to save it in another program.

    • If you don't have another program, download libreoffice.

    • It's a bit hard to copy paste, since I have added arrows on the images (there is alot) I'm afraid that it will shuffle...