Do you or do you know someone that has been in Vet school?

If so, provide details! Such as is it overwhelmingly hard? etc


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  • I have a friend who went to vet school... for the first year, then he dropped out cause it wasn't for him.
    He said it was pretty overwhelming, but he's kind of lazy, so maybe it wasn't as bad as he said.


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  • I knew a girl in high school who wanted to be a vet. It's a medical field, so naturally it'll be challenging.


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  • My cousin is! She goes to a school in Ontario and it's definitely challenging. She had a few panic attacks during the first few weeks from being overwhelmed.

    • How is she doing now? Is she still in school?

    • Yeah! She loves it! She talks about it to me once in a while but I have no idea what she's ever talking about 😂

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