What does it look/feel like to be at the top of the social ladder?

As opposed to those "losers," with no friends that don't know anybody and nobody wants to know them.


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  • Im going to be honest, social ladders are kind of bs. Its all about how YOU approach people and situations. IE at school im pretty quiet and have a group of 6 friends, thats it. At work im confident and outgoing, and everyone likes me.

    Just be more confident, you'll get friends.

  • https://youtu.be/-sUXMzkh-jI
    It feels like this !

    • I don't have time to watch it. Have you been there? What did you do?

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    • This is not him singing , but he is to the left playing guitar. This song is on the album he gave me. I won't say they are great by any means but I have sure heard worse

    • Musicians are pretentious

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