Anyone into robotics?

I've been into it since I was 8, and am on my school's robotics team (FRC) as the lead programmer.


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  • Nah not really I want to be an engineer (software or engineering can't decide) so I should probably learn more.

    • *obligatory plug* *announcer voice* Well, if you're in the market for engineering experience, try FIRST robotics.
      But seriously, my participation FRC (FIRST robotics competition) has given me unbelievable experience, It helped me decide what my major and minor will be (CS and Robotics), gave me new friends, looks good on college applications, and has a crap-tonne of scholarships attached.

    • I'm don't know anything about robotics I'd get fucked and labelled a dunce.

    • No one knows anything going in. The mission of all teams is to educate and expand STEM knowledge.

  • Well I'm into medicine + robotics so maybe? Does that count?

    • Yeah. Just wondering, what exactly do you mean, Prosthetics, surgeon bots, research bots?

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    • I'm building it with my brother-in-law. He's an engineer (33 years old) so he's teaching me all this stuff. The platform right now we are planning for is like an RC car? Our plan is to make it hold stuff with a claw and an extending arm etc. + make it move around with the wheels.

    • Not compuuterized (Arduino, RPi, Vex Cortex)?

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