Since when phones take initiatives on their own? Is there any way to disable this feature?

(By the way, we need a category for Technology here.)

What happened to me today…I was riding the train and I had my earphones on at the maximum volume which is 30. I always go at maximum obviously, because the louder the better. You can hear the electric guitar, the keyboards or the bass guitar, loud and as clear as a window, with earphones on.

After an hour or so (it’s more than an hour ride), it suddenly slowed down at 19 from 30, and a warning message appeared about “permanent hearing damage”.

Is this for real? Since when machines take initiatives?

Anyway, how can I disable this? And no don’t try to “convince” me that it’s “bad” for my ears because I don’t hear anyone about it, not even a doctor. I do this since 15 when I started to take music more seriously…so we count a decade, and I still hear VERY WELL. (Whoever listens to music at a low volume, doesn’t have any idea about music by the way.)

Anyway I have a Microsoft Lumia 640 LTE. Anybody knows?



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  • you are killing the hair cells in your ears. there is a reason why you need the music to be so loud to enjoy it. it's because your ability to hear is already on the decline.

    • You think so. I have never said "Could you please repeat it again?" to someone if they said something. Simply because I hear better than you think.

    • we will revisit this topic in 5 years.

    • OK but again I'm sure.

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  • You only hear very well because you have them turned up so high to compensate for the hearing loss you have already suffered.


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