A Nintendo DS (Black) without the stick, for how much it can be sold?

I’ve lost the stick. And it’s almost a decade old I think. So for how much I could sell it (if it's from Europe)?

Don’t say give it a way, I’m not some charity organization. And obviously I wouldn’t throw it away either.


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  • Woulnt be worth much.

    • Id say maybe 30 dollars US.

    • That's not bad, I thought less.

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  • Give it away 😜 and this isn't site for asking the value of something. Look on ebay and see what the market is asking.

    • Why people say that? It's not only for relationship advice here.

    • Because you won't find good answers for things like that. Do your research elsewhere. There are way to many conflicting things at hand. People from different countries and different values.

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  • I think you stumbled on the wrong website. Try ebay. com

    • It's the correct site. It's a site for questions I thought.

    • It is but you'll get a more accurate answer in a competitive marketplace

  • $25?


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