Can you guess my MBTI personality type?

Having trouble figuring out my personality type. Took the test I got INTJ and ISTP I'm a female
Here is some facts about me.
. I want to be a manager of a busy store
. I like fast paced work environments
. I work well under stress
. I'm definitely a think and an introvert
. I've always believed in God never question his existance
. I'm an excellent drawer. My first drawing and painting are skilled
. I love music. It's my passion, I would love to produce music beats..
. I don't care for poetry
. I read practical books when I visit the library self-help books like business management, body language, mathematics (although i never read the math book) dating
. I love albert einstiens knowledge
. I love mark twain quotes
. I don't necessarily like drawing
. I view sex as a way to show I care and self pleasure
. I'm a romantic
. I write my goals for next step in life on paper
. I change my goals for my next step at least every month
. I have goals papers all over my room
. I make to-do list
. I never do the things on my to-do list
. I'm indecisive
. I ask everyone their opinion before i make a decision
. I follow my head
. I can tell if someone likes me through vibes
. I can tell if someone is trying to make me feel a way and I will adjust my actions.
. I blurt things out tactlessly
. For fun I like to swim
. I would love to go diving and look at exhotic fish and plants
. I want to live in italy with trees and colorful homes by the beach
. I love too deep
. I can't move on from a relationship until i make sure the person I love is over me so I don't hurt them.
. I'm disorganized
. I learn better by performing than someone telling me how do it.
. I like the show the nanny, & friends for the hope if forming relationships
. I like Action movies and action-romance like superman hulk transformers mission impossible
. I like the study of love
. I wanted to be a relationship therapist
. I'm goal orientated
. I like spicy food
. love fall season vibe


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  • The type a guy would crawl a mile over broken glass for? Lol


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  • You're pritty Effin kewwllll 😎