Both parents are mad at me Advice?

My parents are always arguing with each other and bringing me into the middle of it making me choose which side I want to be on. I am an adult now but when I was a child all I remember is them arguing with each other all of the time. It is so annoying and it does not solve anything. Right now my family is going through a hard time because my dad is sick and it is just making things a lot worse. My mom already considers him dead because she hates hates him so much and he feels the same way about her. I am super close to both of my parents and they tell me all of their secrets and trash talk each other behind their backs. It is just hard for me to take all of this because I love both of them and the way they treat each other is not right. My dad thinks my mom is trying to steal from him so he took her out of all the wills and everything and told me but made me promise that I would not tell her because he knows that I won't break a promise and my mom did the same thing. I told my mom indirectly a couple of months ago because it was eating me up not telling her but she did not believe me until she found out herself and now that she found out she is mad at me because she says I never told her and that I am trying to get rid of her and all this other crap (I do not like to be put in this situation because it makes me feel bad) She told my dad that I told her and blurted out everything that I told her that he said about her and now my dad is mad at me because he thinks that I am planning against him with her. So I have both of my parents mad at me and thinking that I am planning against them with each other. It is just too much because I do not want to be put in the middle of their arguments and their war. And now they have the nerve to be mad at me Advice?


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  • I'm really sorry about your father and this situation in general. You said you're close to both of them, right? You need to let them know how much this toxic environment is affecting you, but not separately. This is going to sound super weird, but it might work. Next time they start fighting, even if they're in another room, you need to walk in and throw a fit. I mean crying, asking them why they hate each other so much, asking them why they hate you. Have a complete tantrum and then leave for a while. But if you don't want to do that, consider moving somewhere else. I know that's easier said than done, but this isn't fair to you at all.

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