What are the steps in an American relationship?

Genuine question.

I understand that relationships can take many roads but I'm trying to figure out the general elements people find meaningful in American culture.

For instance saying "I love you" seems to be a relationship milestone in America where in other places it really isn't, meeting the parents and friends is also a very popular one but having sex isn't as stressed.

So tell me the steps you think are the best order you to get from just meeting to lifelong commitment whether that means marriage or not. Both male and female opinions are welcome.


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  • Meet and fuck. K?

    • Why am I not surprised you would commit long-term to someone you just met and had sex with. As a matter of fact it sounds like you (hence why you're here).

    • Lmfao you speak like you know me. But you only wish sweetheart.

    • Hm.

      I do wish i knew you.

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