Is the uk NHS very political and bureaucratic as an organisation or is it very honest and transparent and true to its constitution?

Ignoring the fact that they're underpaid and overworked. I mean the organisational behaviours and cultures.

  • It is very political and bureaucratic - there is a lot of back stabbing, under handing and manipulation
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  • It is a transparent and honest organisation - true to the bus constitution
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  • Two things spring to mind. One hospital not that far from where I live was found to be falsifying records of cancer patients. It was well reported in press and on tv. The second is the appaling way whistleblowers are treated when bad things are reported to the media.

    Yes, the NHS is severly underfunded, and it's going to get worse. One can only hope the new Theresa May government will sit up and take note, but somehow I don't think so. She has every intention of being different as a new prime minister, but so have all the previous ones before her. These good intentions don't ever last long!

    • Its less that it underfunded and more that its badly run. Nearly everything is let out to private consultant firms and they import nurses rather than train British nurses. Labour tried throwing money at the situation but it disappeared down black holes. FFS they can't even clean the hospitals properly anymore.

  • Its being eroded purposefully by year of intentional mismanagement by bureaucrats and bad governments. Every it is made to be more expensive as more of it is silently privatised to medical companies who are paid at great expense by the taxpayers. The reality is the NHS gives great medical cover to all at a low expense and if you desire better medical cover you can still pay for it if you have that kind of money. Naturally there are fat cats who would love to feast on the carcass of the NHS just like every other piece of British infrastructure built by the British taxpayer that was run into the ground for thr purpose of privatisation.

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