Is he harrassing me?

While I was working, a guy asked me if I had life insurance, I told him no.. So he gave me his card and I gave him my number. He called and I was talking to him on the phone and I told him that I will call him back when I weigh out my options, and he got alittle smart, saying that I can procrastinate. So I told him I will call him when I weigh out my options. Why is he calling me soo much... he called me two times in a row onetime... hell call at 12:15 than call back at 12:20... its annoying. Than one time he called me, noone answered, and than he called from a different number. This is non stop.. Should I call back and say Im not interested now... he just made me change my mind.. major turn off.


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  • he's a sales guy and sounds like he's try to sell you

  • dont ever give you number away..

    lesson learned i hope


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