How Do I Find Interest In Life Again And Feel Positive?

Hey all,

I have been in some depressing state for quite a while. I do have things going around for me like I have awesome friends, I have somewhat of a job but doesn't pay much, and healthy family. However, I do feel like I'm in a dead end and stuck? One of the reasons is that even though, I have a job, it seems I'm going nowhere in life. I did improve in life that I could say but for the past week, I'm not feeling it.

Whenever these emotions do happen, I tend to listen to music or play video games to make me feel better but it isn't working anymore. I'm just living for the sake of living and feel total emptiness. I wake up everyday feeling wanting to die or something.

So, how do I return to some happiness after all of this and I don't know if a therapist could help.

Thanks in advanced and regards,


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  • Depression is so debilitating for the sufferer. In most cases , people feel depressed because they are unhappy in their life.

    It's important to get to the root cause for your depression , so maybe visiting a therapist would be beneficial to you. The treatment /guidance will be tailor made to suit your individual needs. Even if it doesn't help, which I'm sure it will, at least you can rule out therapy as an option , and look to other things which could help you

    Life doesn't get better by chance it only gets better by change, so you need to try to change your outlook too on the things which have a negative affect on you. Change what you can and accept what you can't change.

    The quality of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts. So our bodies and mental state respond negative thoughts. So it's important to change your mindset.

    Try to do something different in your life. Try doing something new. It may help to open up other opportunities for you


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  • Just stop being apussy.

  • Try to visit somewhere new
    Or practice a new hobby
    Or making a new friendship