How to retrieve Chrome bookmarks?

I use google chrome and today wiped my computer clean of files, but when I got it back up and running again I re downloaded chrome, logged into my google account, and my bookmarks were gone.

The reason I use chrome is because I was under the impression that it saved your bookmarks, and I have proof of this in the form of using chrome on my phone and the bookmarks being synced with what I had on my laptop.

So, how do I get my bookmarks back (without going through all the bookmarks on the phone and redoing them on the computer) and why did they disappear in the first place?

nevermind! I'm just an idiot, carry on.


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  • You probably can't get them back without copying them from your phone; you could, however, open all your bookmarks on your phone, and then retrieve them all on your desktop from your browsing history, as they should appear there when you're logged into Chrome on both devices with the same account.

    To make sure that bookmarks are synced, though (or that they should be), go to the Chrome settings on your computer, and click on "sync" below your account. Then make sure that this box is checked:

    • Wait, is your bookmarks bar shown, though? Do you just have an empty bookmarks bar or do you have no bar at all?

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      Apparently logging into google doesn't log into chrome as well *facepalm* thankyou for your help though!

    • Weird, normally it should (it does for me). You're welcome, anyway!

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  • Did you use it via your gmail/windows/google/whatever profile? Log in to that.

    • gmail/google
      same thing isn't it?

      I am logged into chrome on my phone with the same account, and it has all the bookmarks still. Just the one on my laptop doesn't even though I signed in with the same gmail account.

  • Its over you can't

  • If you were logged in both on your phone and computer with the same account, just SYNC your Chrome phone app with Chrome on the computer selecting the option on the phone app.

    Chrome is an outdated browser today.
    You should move to Opera, Mozilla Firefox, or better yet, Vivaldi. They all allow you to save all your bookmarks as a file.. whenever you want a backup.
    And you can import on them your Chrome bookmarks as well.

    • I've tried firefox, and it does not agree with me.

      I downloaded it at one point just for those flash games that don't work on chrome, and yeah. The layout, the look, the aesthetic all just make me cringe. The others I haven't tried, but I'm pretty content with Chrome thanks ^-^

      Besides... I worked out the issue. So thanks anyway.

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