Do you have any strange habit? if yes, What is (are) it (they)?

I like to eat tissues actually but i don't do it all the time and i always bite pencils and pens until they look awful xD and also i'm addicted to the smell of the Uhu glue. What about you? Feel free to say your strange habits, don't feel ashamed of them, they're what make you unique. :)


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  • When I was a child, I used to bite my nails. Then, one day, some relative or family friend or whatever told me that I shouldn't do it because it's inappropriate and it makes me look ugly. So I stopped doing it but because I still had the urge to do something like that in difficult situations, I eventually began biting other parts of my body. I mostly have two places that I bite but shouldn't. During difficult exams at Uni or situations where I have to think very hard, I tend to form a fist with my hand and bite the flesh on my index finger (around the knuckle). Leonardo di Caprio has a similar habit that he sometimes displays in movies. It was once so bad that I got this rough skin on my finger because I didn't let it heal properly. I tried to cut it down but it's just a really stupid and silly habit I have developed. The other place are my cheeks inside my mouth. When I feel very sad or troubled, I tend to unconsciously chew on my cheeks. This is also something I should really quit doing but it's hard to quit. One time when I went to the dentist, the oral hygiene lady said "your teeth look really nice and clean but I have to ask you something... do you chew on your cheeks?" And I got a little embarrassed and said yes. She replied "I can see that. You have scars on both sides of your cheeks inside your mouth. You shouldn't do that". Of course I know it's a dumb habit but like I said... it's hard to quit it. Maybe those adults should have just let me bite my nails...

    • Actually i also bite the inner parts of my cheeks like everyday, unconsciously.

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  • I rip the packaging/ wrappers off of drinks, I chew on paper towels/ napkins, I have a habit of closing doors, I have a habit of checking if doors are closed for like a good 30 seconds, erm... That's all I can think of for now xD 😋


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