Do some guys that date foreign girls want to control them?

I had to literally warn one of my friends from Argentina (she's been learning English for 2 years and I can talk some Spanish) about this guy.

Another friend and I literally heard him saying to a couple other guys how she would be easier to handle, that she'll bear him kids and that he'll do anything possible for her not to improve her English nor be too focused on a career.

She is very interested in improving her English and wants to own a business before having kids. I couldn't let someone bs her like that. She has dumped this clown.

She wouldn't have been happy with the lifestyle this clown wanted her. He wanted to bs her because of her origins and the fact that she's getting used to how is it living her. Now that's pathetic

Honestly, there are colleges over there as well too.


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  • Unfortunately you do get those guys who want to control easy girls. At least it does not represent all men. Thank you for standing up for her

    • Thank you. Those are the total losers that probably can't get a girl here because they suck and have to rely on mindgames to get foreign girls. Unbelievable that they have to even play a game to get a foreign girl.

    • Yup, i guess you get all types in the world. Those men give us good men a bad name. I wonder what makes some guys do this as it seems to be an ever increasing number.

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  • I think it's reasonable to say that overall there are just some extremely controlling people in general. Although it's reasonable to believe that someone who is controlling would prey on someone whose foreign and not as familiar with their surroundings because it would easier to assert control in those circumstances. However, I don't know how often that occurs.

  • That is bullshit

    • Nope, that particular guy was full of shit.

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  • Of course.