Will my boyfriend break up if he knew I gave a couple students a hard time?

This was during grades 6-8th (Jr High) and my freshman year of HS. I suppose I was a different person from what he knows me as now. We've been dating nearly a year now.

I wasn't even thinking about it till one of the girls (let's call her Marie) happens to be a relative to one of his good friends. She moved to another school on the following year so basically I haven't seen her for 6 years. We're now 22.

Anyways our paths crossed twice during a family gathering. I just greeted her normally as if I was greeting someone new. I'm guessing she must be thinking I don't remember her but I do. I just want to move on and start all over. Is it likely my boyfriend will know how I was back then?

I wasn't confronted by it so far. Just that I didn't expect to see her and certain times, I'm thinking she might call his past about me to him and others.


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  • i don't know. as you said you were younger and that should be understandable. i think you should sort of bring it up to him before it comes out some other way.

    if you are truly remorseful he should understand that all kids do stupid things at times

    • Honestly, I had completely moved on and forgotten about it until running into her on those two family gatherings. But yes, I'll talk with him about it.

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  • ... You're not serious.

    • Yes, I am. This is my only past I've been tried to hide and move on from... that was somewhat not a nice person to some students back then.

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    • yeah... I'll talk about it with him just in case. Hopefully that girl has moved on and isn't holding any grudges. I would hate to think she's still upset and that I made someone feel bad back then.

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