Are dreams sometimes real?

Since late May and on 3 consecutive times, I've been having this bad dream:

I'm a toddler (probably 3-4 years old) and I'm getting either pushed to a pool or taken somewhere else by someone. At first I'm smiling but moments later I started screaming like crazy.
Just then I wake up and can never finish the dream. In addition, I can't even see the dream too well.. only in fragments.

I'm wondering now if there is some truth to this because it's happening 3 times, same fragments on repetitive dream and being taught fighting skills starting at the age of 5. As far as I know, I'm a virgin and never had a boyfriend. I would hate think something happened. Wouldn't I be able to remember if anything happened?

Also, now that I remember something... many of my family members wanted me to learn how to fight at that early age. As a result, I'm experienced by now and even went tomboyish during most of my childhood years.

But why I'm I now suddenly having these dreams?


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  • it could be a memory, traumatic experiences are often suppressed especially if they happen at an early age, it's a "self defence" mechanism
    or it could be self suggested because you watched a movie/read a book about it
    you should probably talk to your parents, they're are the only ones who can tell you 😊


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  • I sure saw things happening in the future that I've seen before in dreams

    • Typical dreams should be just that... dreams. However, if it's something either too specific or it's the same dream then I start wondering if there is some truth into it.

    • Ah yeah I had returning dreams, but I never really thought much of most of them. Except for One... And I can't remember what it is, and it stresses me out everytime the dream happens

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  • i bloody wish they were lol

    as for your dream, in terms of its realness, i can only say that it may definitely be an indication of SOMETHING real that is currently happening or may possibly happen in ur life, or maybe something ur conscience is pushing u to do or not do. Just remember that not all dreams are literal. some are emblematic.

    maybe u being pushed into a pool could be u getting into the wrong crowd, the wrong place.. u know?