What are your tips for attending an outdoor concert?

I'm planning on going to an outdoor concert this week. I was just reading the rules, and they are pretty strict. No outside food or drink, which kind of sucks. They also only let us bring a small bag. No knapsacks! I was hoping to bring a drawstring knapsack but I'm no longer going to do that.

What kind of clothes should I wear? I was thinking of wearing denim shorts or athletic shorts (I love comfort). It's going to be warm during the day but then cool at night.

What kind of shoes? I was thinking of wearing my converse shoes, something comfy.


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  • Bring a hoodie or something (depending on how warm the weather is) to put on later.

    Eat and drink ahead of time to get around the restriction. I've gone to a lot of shows like this and you often see people sitting just outside the entrance with a bag of McDonalds and working their way through a case of beer.

    As for shoes - it depends on the weather and also the venue. If it's a grassy venue and it's been wet recently, that'll turn into gross slippery mud.


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  • Agh, my last concert venue allowed us to bring a small bag of food in, but they also had food stands there as well. If you cannot purchase food at the concert, eat before you go, so you won't be hungry the entire time. I'd bring a light jacket just in case you get cold once the sun goes down. Converse shoes are pretty popular at outdoor shows, so that sounds fine to me. Do you have actual seats? Are you bringing a blanket to sit on?

    • There are no seats, and I'm pretty sure we will have to stand for everything. There's no food allowed, so unfortunately I can't bring a snack, which I was kind of hoping to. But I can hopefully buy food there. I'll eat beforehand though so I'm not spending too much on food!

    • Good idea. Check to see if you can bring some lawn chairs or a blanket to chill on, though.

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  • bring condom
    be safe
    stay with a group
    watch out for drinks


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