Good program to download videos from youtube?

I had youtube downloader and UmmyVD but something's wrong with them so I need a new one.


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  • Internet Download Manager is the best downloader!
    You can resume the videos later if you want to pause them for whatever reason.
    You can refresh the download links if the downloading broke to avoid redownloading from beginning.
    It is easy to download. A small download panel will automatically pop up on the border of the video.
    You can download the videos of any quality easily.
    It is the fastest.

    The free trial is of one month but if you don't wanna pay, you can download the latest version from torrentz. eu

    The only downside is that you have to keep it updated (by downloading it again from t o r r e n t if you cracked it) to make it function well. And I don't think it works on Google Chrome and outdated browsers like IE8. It works flawlessly on IE10, Edge & Firefox.

    If you're using an Android, then TubeMate is the app you need. Its size is very small like 5 MB. It has absolutely no flaws.
    Get it from here :-

    • You can also download multiple videos simultaneously on both downloaders :)
      Good Luck!

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    • For me...

      - Free
      - Faster
      - Queuing is better
      - Add Download dialogue box is more functional
      - Refresh URL allows to copy-paste URL easily (IDM was... ugh in doing that)
      - It looks pretty *lol*

      - I had to reinstall to get 'Speed limiter' option working properly
      - Memory usage is high
      - You need main program in background for extensions to work

      And no, I'm not paid by them :P

    • @ResonantGuy interesting, I'll give it a try.

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  • I suggest you get internet download manager.. It cost money but you can just download it through t o r r e n t if you're broke... It's the best download program, it's fast and easy to use. The small download panel automatically shows up at the outside video border. Also it downloads not just from YouTube but pretty much any website.

  • The Flash Video Downloader addon for Mozilla. Been using that for years.

  • Internet Download Manager is good for PC, Tubemate for Mobile.

  • I use Ant Video Downloader plugin for Firefox. Works for me and not just for Youtube.

  • if you use the chrome web browser or firefox search on the chrome app store or firefox plugin page for youtube downloader and you'll find plugins to download videos.

  • For PC (Windows, all UNIX - Mac/Linux)

    I use youtube-dl. It's a command line program. Very powerful. Better than anything I've used.


    For FireFox:

    YouTube Video and Audio Downloader (https://addons. mozilla. org/en-GB/firefox/addon/youtube-video-and-audio-dow/? src=api)

    Along with, 'Media Converter and Muxer' (https://addons. mozilla. org/en-GB/firefox/addon/media-converter-and-muxer/)

  • go to the video you want to download. Then change the URL from to (add "ss"). There it offers you to download it.