Those of you who like astrology, how can you tell if a scorpio likes you?

Im mainly reffering to a scorpio guy.


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  • "Uh durrrrr, I'm a rich, white girl and Astrology is real!"

  • They will hold you in high regard. Scorpions are competitors and like to be the best so if they see you as being the best or at least better than them (looks, drive, wealth, social etc) then they will most likely like you, or love you, or at least want to give you the chance.
    (Double Triple points for being really good or way better than them at something they really like or that interests them)

    • He told me he likes me but i mean i dont know if its romantically. we are just hooking up sexually here and there but he's sooo sweet to me. He stands out from the rest. He is always asking if im okay, what im thinking about always "curious" of me and other guys. I always catch him looking at me and keeps looking when i catch him. I once catched him looking at me with a soft gentle smile on his face. He told me he was glad he met me. Buys me food. Bought me a pack of cigs (cause i smoke). He brings up about the last time weve hung out. "So i remember we did that went here". Like quizzes me if i remember cause i sometimes forget details of what we did and where we went and he always reminds me what happend last hung out sesh. im so attracted to him. he's such a strong person (mentally) and emotionally. He makes me happy by just being around his energy. His vive soothes my soul. Its impossible to be insecure around him. I love myself like i never have before. I don't know i digg him a lot lol

    • Sure we dont talk daily, cause i mean we are just casual, and he's a busy guy, maybe with other girls, but his work, his dad. He opend up to me, about his mother passing at the age of 6. He brought me to his house (which i know some scorpios home is sacred and private and only select few can be invited over).

  • It won't go away.


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