If you could make 3 wishes come true what would they be?

For me its
1- meeting a really close person to me who I met online and working things out with him
2-Have enough money to live a happy life and at the same time help people with it
3- have endless wishes to keep on wishing for alllll the other things I want lol ( which are a lot XD )

what about you guys? :D


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  • 1. i would wish that i get a good job.
    2. i wish that there would be no poor or hungry people in the world, everyone gets food and a home.
    3. i wish that i find the true love of my life and i end up marrying with her

    • Inshallah 1 and 3 come true for you, as for 2... There's a long way to go 😞

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    • I forgot to select the MHO so I think the admins did it for meπŸ˜‚ you're welcome anyways lol 😜

    • oh hahaha :P

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  • 1. Children should truly be protected and educated. Too many are hurt, abused, experience a life that they should not need to.
    2. forever young :)
    3. healthy

    • Point 1 is sadly true :/ and I wish u the best

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    • Ty for MHO

    • Same as I told @Decentguy
      I forgot to select the MHO so I think the admins did it for me πŸ˜‚ welcome anyways lol 😜

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  • You know what they say? CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR.

    My own little wishful thinking and delusions:

    1 - Become invulnerable permanently and immune to suffering (including the inability to ever feel boredom, disappointments, unhappiness and/or melancholic thoughts) being immune to all pain and all harm, and having a near endless amount of extraordinary capabilities, such as Teleportation and Immortality as examples, while retaining my sanity when being transformed and upgraded to something beyond human. To something beyond just merely a mortal being made out of bio-organic matter (flesh, blood, bone, hair, skin). And that NONE of these abilities could or would ever be harmful intentionally or unintentionally to anyone or anything and that NONE of them will ever require ANY kind of maintenance.

    2 - Create a entire completely different world, dimension, reality, or planet of my own, OR go to reside on a a completely different planet of my own far away from Earth and reside there while borrowing ideas from other dimensions, planets and worlds on how I should customize my own little personal private reality, world, planet or existence, etc. if necessary. I preferred and wanted a world with No Pain, No Suffering, No Injustice, No death, No Conflicts, No Corruption, No Greed, No Bad and Undesirable things that I've experienced and seen for myself as a human being. I wanted a completely NEUTRAL reality or existence. And since this reality and world is ANYTHING BUT THAT then I would rather be away from it forever, and abandon it and leave it all behind if I were to ever actually and Truly get what I wished for as then I wouldn't be the same regular mortal human being that I currently am any more, and that would make me seem completely out of place, so Logically it would be Best for me to go somewhere else instead and because I could.

    I know it's sound very ludicrous, and would be a Redundant existence or goal, but that's just what I think and feel about ever Having ANY 3 wishes to ever come true in the first place. Just my imaginations.

    3 - This would be best reserved completely as a fail safe, or safety precaution. It would best be saved for EMERGENCY purposes should something go wrong and something REALLY FUCKING BAD HAPPENS as either a result of my own wishes or for whatever reason that I absolutely Need to undo everything that I had previously wished for should the unexpected consequences be MUCH WORSE for and affecting Everything and Everyone unexpectedly.

    • You thought so deeply about this didn't you? πŸ˜‚ Anyways, those are great wishes!πŸ‘Œ

    • Pretty much. I'm always deep, I can't be NOT deep, I even tried to be NOT deep before but I AM deep.

  • We are lied to here, but you are lied to there as well.

    1) Meet a woman from China and marry her and love her as my equal.
    2) Have an economy based on real material principles, rather than fiat currency and paper exchanges used to rob people of their dignity.
    3) Every false religion be peaceably exposed and put down without violence.

    I have become disgusted with my own nation, which I have a "right" to be disgusted, but I do not have a "right" to know who I am actually talking to on the other side of a dating site conversation, which 9 times out of 10 here it is a fraudulent account. You create an account trying to meet someone, only to get robbed by the administrator, and then wonder who else is going to try to rob you when you try to communicate with them.

    Worse, every person here has that problem, but they are so enslaved by the wrong-minded notion of "freedom" that they believe their "rights' are better served if real secure identification is not required on said sites. Thus fraud and cons and even rapes continue, and the women don't demand any better, and the other men demand that there be no better.

    Whatever lies you may hear, know that the U. S. is not a "Democracy". It is an Oligarchy, and it is getting worse by the year, not better.

    People here are not "free", though they may think they are, and it may come as a shock to them to be told they are not free. They spend half of their time on someone else's schedule, and they spend half their income back on rent before they do anything else.

    Another problem is the people here a fools and don't work on improving themselves. The most popular show on television is a fake wrestling show. Not a real sport, not an educational show, a fake wrestling show.

    The last American President who actually practiced what he preached was probably Abraham Lincoln, and they killed him for that.

    Every since WWII, a top secret "Continuity of Government" program has been in place, and elections are all mock, and it doesn't make much difference who "wins" each cycle. It is more of the same old crap.

    I doubt Barrack Obama has any actual legal authority in this nation, and even if he does, he must be the weakest president ever... He gives another quaint little speech every time some terrorist from your side of the world blows up or shoots another 50 people, instead of doing anything to actually effect change.

    In short, he's a pussy, and if I ever meet him in person, I'm going to tell him that.

    • May I ask what has all this got to do with my question? "I doubt Barrack Obama has any actual legal authority in this nation, and even if he does, he must be the weakest president ever... He gives another quaint little speech every time some terrorist from your side of the world blows up or shoots another 50 people, instead of doing anything to actually effect change."

    • We produce over twice as much grain per acre as a few decades ago, yet food prices have more than doubled in the same time, while wages have stagnated.

      I know how to turn a million dollars into a billion, and I wouldn't have to cheat or defraud anyone to do it, but I don't know how to turn living from paycheck to paycheck into a million.

      Our people are stupid. Half of them can't even speak English as their first language properly. They need a calculator to make change.

      I'm like, "I knew what that number was 30 seconds ago, and they're pulling out a calculator to do 3rd grade arithmetic..."

      Our false government baby-sits everyone else in the world, but at the expense of massive debts to Russia, China, and Bond owners, the very communists the media loves to talk so "evil" about.

      "Baaaaaad old communists, can you please lend us some more money? We bankrupted ourselves again for all the wrong reasons."

      Liberal media, Conservative media: All Liars.

      So sick of it.

  • 1.) Living in the same city as my best friend
    2.) to date a certain woman that I know
    3.) and to make a good amount of money

  • Get a trillion dollars give it away
    Get married
    Sing for a living

    I'd give my church a million
    Give my girlfriend a wedding of dreams
    Buy a tour plane

  • 1, religion not to exist

    2, Nations not to exist

    3, Money not to exist

    • Money not to exist? Why so? XD

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    • Once more, Jordan is such a pretty nation

      But yes, things there could get very bad :(

    • Glad you think its pretty coz I honestly don't :/ XD

      yes unfortunately 😞

  • I wish I was little bit taller,
    I wish I was a baller
    I wish I had a girl who looked good
    I would call her

  • 1) want to go everywhere in world.. almost lol
    2) a girl to which I can love her a lot.
    3) to represent my country

  • 1. Reach a 1500 total in lifting
    2. look young/feel young until I'm old
    3. stay hungry

    • Stay hungry? Why? πŸ˜‚

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    • lol well yes I need to be a strong man to carry my woman into the bedroom

    • Omg she would be happy lol πŸ˜‚

  • All of yours sound pretty much perfect to me, ill take those too x2 xD

    • So U want to meet the same guy im meeting as well? πŸ˜œπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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    • Oh yeah by the way weather update its randomly come like super hot now its really weird its like 25Β°c today :D

    • Woooo I hope it stays like this when I visit xD

What Girls Said 20

  • 1. Have the most rockin body ever
    2. Have a cookie cutter life with the nice house, great kids, and perfect husband. Look and be happy
    3. Save all the innocent people in countries where their government is killing them off for religious, and racist reasons. The media doesn't cover that enough

  • 1. More wisdom
    2. Closer relationship with God
    3. I would like to have a healthy body for me and also the ones I love

  • 1. Being able to travel where I want, when I want.
    2. Having my student loans paid off.
    3. Having my parents' bills paid off.

  • - Money
    Seriously I really do get the whole "u can't buy happiness with money" concept but come on. Money can help you reach your dreams and that means making you happy. Of course feelings and relationships and life itself has no price but dude. You can have a nice house and clothes and food and meet famous people or travel anywhere. Money helps. That's just it.
    - Boys boys boys
    Duh I'm too young and not sure being in a relationship would mean anything now, it has never really bothered me that I've never had a boyfriend or a guy liking me back, but I don't know I wanna know somebody who genuinely thinks I'm cute and pretty and who likes what I like and that cares about me for real... I might or I might not be thinking about a guy I barely know from driving school who spoke to me once and jesus how can I be so stupid to already get my hopes up for a situation like this HE TALKED TO ME ONCE but he leaned in so close to my faceee and he just said something random ugh.
    - Freedom
    Sometimes I get like fml im super sad because I'm still treated like the kid of the family... my brother is almost 18 and he goes out with friends whenever he wants or goes shopping whenever he feels like it. My parents give him money and he can do whatever he wants at any time... while I can barely go out once every two weeks and I feel like a weight on my parents' shoulders who need to carry me everywhere since I still don't drive

    I sound kinda dumb and also really fake-depressed but whatever it's 2.37am
    I swear I'm usually normal... and also besides these 3 things, I love my life no matter what. :)

    • Hahahahhah you dont sound dumb at all πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ its 2:47 AM here as well, and I'm wondering how you could write ALL THAT at THIS time!!! Lol

      that point about the boys was funny though hahahah and you are still young, you will find that guy 😊

      and I totally agree with u with point 1

    • Ty! I am sooo glad someone gets me :')

    • Hahahah welcome!! I'm glad that you are happy haha 😊

  • Money, happiness, and the ability not to fuck things up the way I normally do πŸ˜‚

  • i'd wish that my fam stays happy
    i'd wish that i stay happy
    i'd wish that my damn cartillage piercing bump goes away >:(

  • 1. To be able to stay with my boyfriend physically.

    2. Hold a job easier and get one faster.

    3. Not have to worry about money.

    • Hope your wishes come true :))

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    • Thanks and I wish you the best of luck too. :)

    • Thanks 😊

  • -Stop terrorism for good
    -Stop poverty
    -Stop climate change

  • 1) Go back and change things - I have many regrets
    2) Rid the earth of all extremists like ISIS, KKK, Kim Jong-un (North Korean government style)
    3) More wishes - because, like yourself, us girls have manyyyy wishes lol

    • Hahhaha exactly (point 3 )
      and those are great!
      dont have regrets... We all make mistakes.. We should learn from them instead of regretting doing them 😊

    • Aww thanks :) but sometimes there's just things you think back to and always think "no" to lol but yes I have learnt valuable lessons too :)

  • 1. Live a meaningful, happy life.
    2. Somalia becoming a prosperous nation.
    3. To find true love with a person who loves me.

  • 1- For the world to calm the fuck down
    2- More money
    3- The guarantee I won't end up w/ breast cancer like my mom did

    • Point 1 ... Exactly what I was thinking of right now πŸ˜”
      I'm sorry to know that about your mom! Hope you won't get it!

  • 1 Master everything I try
    2 If something doesn't work out I can change the outcome or what led to it at anytime
    3 Being rich af

  • 1 - Finding my true love, of course, and being able to be with them for all my life.
    2 - Happiness : Happiness with my job, my income, my life, my family, my kids, life in general. Just happiness 24/7!
    3 - For everyone I meet or come across, they'd only see nice things and not think of me badly.

    • Such an amazing person! 😊 You seem to be a positive thinker and warm hearted! 😊

      hope all your wishes come true! 😌

    • Aw thank you so much! You too!

    • Welcome and thanks hahah

  • 1. Publish my books
    2. Go to Dubai
    3. Drive

    • When u publish ur books tell me so that I would buy them :P :D
      I want to go to Dubai toooo, but only for vacations XD
      and about the driving thing... Add me to the list lol

    • haha :)

  • *A personal wish for myself.
    *A personal wish for everyone in my family.
    *To see XXXX again.

  • 1) loving my body
    2) getting my dream job
    3) I'd ask for 1,000 more wishes lol

    • You have a nice body figure so you should love it, dont keep it as only a wish 😊
      what's your dream job? πŸ™ˆπŸ™‰

      hahhaha 1000 is limited, why not ask for endless wishes forever lol 😜

    • lol you made some good points! Well I'd love to do advertising for Lululemon and work as a nutritionist on the side while being a yoga and pilates teacher

    • Hahaha, well go for it! Try to work for it😊

  • 1) Being the most pretty / hottest girl of the world
    2) Being an actress
    3) Be married to a good looking and nice men

    • Maybe 2/3 will come true 😊
      as for 1, I don't know how you look like so I can't say anything about your looks but I'm sure you have something pretty about you, maybe you are pretty and you never realized it, love yourself 😊

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    • Welcome, and its the truth hahah 😊

    • Aw that's really nice ^-^

  • World peace.
    A girlfriend.
    Being pretty.


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