Should I just give up on women completely?

Here I am, 21 and have never had a girlfriend (sorta). I feel like im just completely undesireable to every woman i come across. I have decent looks, dress cleanly, and have a athletic body (im in good shape) but its like I can't even get a girlfriend or anything.

I try to hype myself up and say, "yeah, damn i look good, i can get any girl i want!" but in reality I feel like no girl wants to be with me or anything...

Is there any thing I can do to be more attractive or should I just call it quits and throw in the towel?

is it cause im short? do girls hate short guys


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  • Confidence
    It sounds like you lack confidence and people can pick up on that most of the time.

    • maybe, there was this cute sonic worker girl i talked to out of the blue when i saw her walking past my friends house one day.

      I didn't talk to her to flirt or anything though, but at that time i felt confident. She was smiling most of the time and even though i wasn't flirting she mentioned she had a boyfriend.

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  • Instead of focusing on finding a woman try focusing more on your education and career. Put those at the top of your priority list. Move women further down for now. Once you get the knowledge you need and a job you enjoy doing you will feel more relaxed since you accomplished those big steps. Then you can go for a lover. Go step-by-step. It's easier and more effective than putting it all in one small time frame. That's what I'm doing. Turning 26 and never kissed or dated. F that. At least I'm having a big success in my education and now my career. Women will come later if I feel like I want one.

    • Financial and career is a big one in the long run when it comes to survival anyway. Financial matters is sometimes the difference of whether a relationship or marriage will be sustained and become successful, otherwise both parties may have to bail and split because of financial troubles. I mean who in their right mind wants to share debts, such as BIG Debts anyways? So career and education really should be GREATER priority over relationships and dating, without any kind of stability such as a stable career and income and a relationship that if you were in could potentially eventually end sooner than realized because of it, more importantly if you decide to raise a family of your own. That's really not going to be a walk in the park and will require budgeting and balancing checkbooks, saving for retirement and college funding for children, etc.

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  • Sure, try your hand at men...


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  • I understand your situation. I could have written something similar when I was your age.
    I would encourage you to visit YouTube and search the parameters 'MGTOW bad boy'. You will find videos, made by various content creators, which deal with the bad-boy phase, through which females pass between the ages of (roughly) 15 to 30.
    During that time, most females throw themselves crotch first at oily nightclub players and various versions of the bad boy.
    Women will say all sorts of things about wanting 'good men' and/or 'nice guys', but if you watch who they choose they will pick the players and bad boys.
    With women, do not believe anything that they say, watch what they do.
    As I see it, the choice before you is this.
    You can continue to collect rejections in the hope that if you crunch enough numbers you might get a yes. That was was I did until I was about 30. That strategy failed for me, but that does not mean that it will not work for you.
    Or, you can wait until you are 30 to 35 when there will be a 180 degree change in demonstrated female group preference.
    In simple language, that means that about the age of 30 most females have a epiphany and realise that the players and bad boys are just that. . . players and bad boys.
    After they have seen the bleeding obvious, they become interested in the decent men, who would have been of little to no interest to them when they were 20. It has been said that when a woman is 38 she will kill to get the sort of man she rejected when she was 18.
    Whether or not you are still interested at that time is up to you.
    By that age you will have seen male relatives and colleagues destroyed by vindictive women, who used divorce courts to steal everything that the men owned and then enslave them for life via child-support orders. There will also be the standard false allegations of spousal rape, domestic violence and of molestation of one's own children.
    Half of all marriages end in divorce, so marrying or even cohabiting with a woman could be compared with playing Russian roulette with a revolver that had only two chambers.
    After you have seen that happen to enough men you know, you may decide that women are not worth the enormous legal liability that comes with them. The juice is not worth the squeeze, as the saying goes.
    If you reach that conclusion, you will become a MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way).
    I would ask you to do one thing: do not go down that dark road to the place that Elliot Roger inhabited.

    • this just makes me wanna kill myself. women make me want to kill myself

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    • @JudgmentDay whats anti-natilism? So your saying if I refuse children women can screw me over in marriage or outside of marriage? Outside marriage called a de facto relationship where your girlfriend who has been with you for over 7 years and lived in your house.

    • @JudgmentDay yeah women can still fuck you over and take half your resources after 7 year relationship oh yes they stay entitled. Feminism has got us men by the balls. The thing is women make the good guys wait for sex by not giving us it or making us work for it and saying they wintend give sex until legal commitment has been made like marraige. unlike the bad boy he does not have to do that

  • You're better off concentrating on enjoying life. You don't need a woman to do that, and it's actually easier to do so without a woman.

    • I know this much, because I've been single for more than 30 years and I'm still alive and kicking, ain't planning to check out anytime soon or just because I'm not "in a relationship" with somebody. Relationships are actually even harder than being single, and you know what is even harder to take and suffer through? Breakups or worse Divorces. Yep. No relationship are ever 100% guaranteed to to last. Happiness comes from within ourselves, not from a relationship, and not from another person to complete us, simply because they CAN'T complete us. That is on us, we decide what will and can make us happy.

  • Try to change your attitude, not your looks. You're still young to give up on women. Try to detect your problems when interacting with them, it will count more since you say you're decent looking.

  • stop feeling sorry for yourself. I'm sure its not your looks that's getting in the way.

  • Sounds exactly like me a few years ago.
    Don't even think about it it, that's a bullshit mindset. Get out there and pursue what you want

    • everything seems worthless without someone to share it with

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    • @MaLifeBeLikeOooAaah

      Attraction eventually fades more or less. The only rare exceptions are some couples such as elderly couples that successfully make it being grand parents or great grandparents and in their elderly years together. But those days are much rarer now and will be rarer than before. because times change, cultures change and society has been changed, nowadays it's moreso about horny motha fuckas hooking up all the fucking time and shit.

      But eventually the "physical" aspects of another person for that relationship WILL NOT last forever. Everyone ages and then those "attractive" or "pretty" they all once had, will slowly and eventually fade. And then sometimes that's also why people fall out of love, divorce, cheat, or even abandon their partner or spouse or just plain settle and become unhappy. Relationships and marriage is not even as "great" as others claim that is is or make it sound that it is. Always, ALWAYS get the facts and get your reality check.

    • @JudgmentDay Honestly man I agree with you, couldn't have said it better. My uncle married 3 hot women for looks and attractiveness... never worked I'd say that's a prime example.

  • Yes, women hate short (under 6 feet) guys.

    The only way you can win, brother, is to never play.

    Don't throw in the towel; take it with you. MGTOW, brother.

  • Same dude, I just kinda gave up too. Doesn't bug me that much because I just distract myself with working out and stuff.

    • but when im alone by myself at night without any distractions, it all comes back to me

    • It's really hard, but the reality is that there are more single people than ever now. No guarantees that everyone will ever be in a relationship as much as there are no absolute guarantees that any re0altionship would ever even last to BEGIN WITH! More often than not relationships do not last forever, divorce rates are around 50 percent the last I've heard and checked. And because you guys ain't the only ones that are going through that kind of situation right now, MANY other guys that are chronically single go through the same shit. I'm actually in my Mid 30s and had been Single for More Than 30 years and I'm still alive and kicking, so there you go, no need to give up on living and moping and sulking about the dire and shitty situation. In the end, all these desires we feel of needing and wanting a person of the opposite gender is nothing but delusions coming from the chemical reaction of hormones in our brains and body, so it's really all a lie. Eventually attraction will fade.