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Background info: I self harm myself
Okay so I have this friend, I'm gonna refer to her as bitch and her boyfriend assbutt and my American friend Rain, I was hanging out at our normal spot with assbutt and bitch and he started asking about the bitch and her self harming. Now the bitch tells me absolutely everything, and she will frequently lie, cry and etc for attention and sympathy, so I found it weird that she had told her new boyfriend and not her best friend and the fact she didn't tell me at all pissed me off, so I was pretty angry but curious and suspicious all together. I left her cutting topic for a while until I told bitch about when I would punch myself repeatedly in the stomach and would stab myself. The next day she told me she had her bike key and was cutting herself with it (it wasn't at all sharp) and I asked her about where she would cut, what with, and why. She replied "I would do it on my back and hip, (didn't answer this question) and because i was sad with life." I understood that but I was still wary. I told Rain and she said she thought the bitch was lying and faking it for attention. Now I asked bitch if I could have a look (she was sleeping over at mine) at her back and she replied"okay then but I did it ages okay so you might not see it, but I can still feel it." I was okay. Now tv she came to my house with a razor she stole from her mum to shave with, she wasn't at all triggered and didn't even talk about any urge and passed it over as it was nothing. I showed her my blades at my house and she told me to stop doing it and i can't believe she had the strength to hold it back from me without her taking it herself (I would have personally). Later on she told me "I won't let you look because you won't see them"
about the key part she showed me her hand where she did it and there were no marks, she said she didn't bleed and I said "I didn't draw blood when I started and I went lighter than you but there's still marks" Do you think she self harms or not?


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  • Self-harming is bad

    • Yes I know. If you're going to comment, make it an actual answer.

    • Whether she self-harms or not is not relevant, because neither of you should be doing it.

  • I'd take her word for it.

    • But she hasn't actually told me she cuts herself.

    • Well, she did say she didn't bleed so I would presume... But presuming is hard. Maybe I should just stick to assuming.

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