What's wrong with this phone --' ?

My phones's touch screen is so weird --' ..

Sample of this weirdness --' :

- When I touch letter "a" it opens a new window on chrome.
- I touch the upper corner and it reacts as though I touched another spot I don't know..
- And it literally got blind spots !! Like there's this area that I simply can't get to make it work..

Did this hapen to you guys? How can I fix it ( Is it fixable O. o ) ? Do I have to go to a professionnal :(( ?


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  • What kind of phone is it?

    • HTC.. :\\ not the best phone ever but I like it a lot and it didn't come cheap :((

    • Well try and take it to the technician

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  • Go into settings, stop the app, clear the cache/memory and you should be okay. You probably have malware.

    • what app? Chrome? It's not just the app.. it's got touch screen probs :( ! messages.. camera.. home page : everything :\\ !
      And I already resetted it

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    • I erased EVERYTHING :v even the god selfies, convos.. EVERYTHING :((
      It looks new xD No application : nothing..
      But couldn't erase the blind spots hh --'

    • Any recent OS upgrades?

  • You might have to replace the screen


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