Using GAG can get your email/password hacked? HTTPS?

GAG apears to only use HTTP, and not HTTPS (s=secure), meaning everything you type/read on this site, including your email and password when you login, is visible your internet router, ISP, and people on the network. An example is you are passing notes back and forth with GAG. Without HTTPS, everyone in between can read the note, but with HTTPS is like putting the note in a sealed envelope and only the GAG can open it. So why is GAG not use HTTPS?


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  • You're crazy.


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  • There's something you use which is called a FUCKING VPN. Even a professional hacker cannot hack into my userpass unless he has direct access to my laptop.

    • So, gag shouldn't use https just because some people know how to use a vpn?

    • I am saying your safety is your own responsibility.

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  • Some of that is right, but some of it is wrong.

    • Could you correct me?

    • Https doesn't equal automatically secure. It really depends on the encryption it is using. IIRC the best right now is TLS.
      And also the passwords could be encrypted inside the web browser, but it is still better to have a signed certificate.

  • Hasn't happened to me

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