What would you do if you were the prince/ss of a kingdom and had to get married to secure peace?

You and a servant that works in the castle are in love and were planning to escape together, but your kingdom is at war with a bordering kingdom and in order to avoid war, you have to marry that kingdom's prince/ss. What would you do?

  • Marry the neighbor kingdom's prince/ss, secure peace, never see your lover again
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  • Run off together, war starts and both kingdoms fall into chaos, you manage to get away and live happily as humble merchants in another kingdom
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Sorry but in that case I'll choose to marry... I'm not an asshole to let two kingdoms fall (Thousands of lives) into ruin for that. Or maybe if we got the fire power and cunning sneak into the other kingdom kill the king and take over that one too... who knows... greater good at this point.


Most Helpful Girl

  • First one, but I'd continue saying that marriage is the dumbest form of alliance. Putting their marriage in extreme importance like that is bound to make them both unhappy. How about just signing a treaty.


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What Guys Said 2

  • Option c) Marry the princess from the other kingdom and take my lover as concubine. Along with some other hot chicas ;-).

  • Better to save lives and marry the woman. Besides, infidelity was super common among royalty anyway, so chances are I'd still be able to be with the woman I love.


What Girls Said 1

  • I'd marry the other kingdom's price but I'd be the easiest Slut in both kingdoms as an act of rebellion... well that and the fact I'm a nymphomaniac who loves to be fucked.

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