My brother has recently had a baby but he relies on me too much to look after it what can I do?

Ok so my brother had a baby with a teenage girl and my brother agreed to look after the baby full time as the girl was still in high school.
my brother is quite young to
he is 23 but I am 13
my brother goes out a lot and just expects me to look after her
The baby ( Nicole ) needs a loving parent and I am certainly not that
my parent think I'm just moaning
but it's at least 5 times a weeks I baby sit
it's just getting annoying and I have a life too
any suggestions?


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  • It's your brother's responsibility if he agreed to take care of it. And, no, you're not moaning, it's very unfair to you. Tell your parents and your brother you won't do it anymore, you're just a little girl and it's not your baby. Or listen to Zendrya and call a social worker, I'm sure they'll take care of it.

  • You could call protective services and tell them. I'd talk to your brother first though

    • I've tried asking my brother but he just keeps saying I'm just spoilt and need to get used to it

    • Ya then I'd call protective services. They'll keep it anonymous

  • Tell your brother to pay for your baby sitting services.