Is it really a surprise to guys when a tough girl has some soft spots?

For the longest (since early childhood), it was me and the guys. I was one of those tough, tomboys not scared of getting dirty.
However, they got surprised those certain occasions I let my guard down and part of my natural softer side came out. For instance they were surprised that I put a large cockroach back outside instead of stepping on it.


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  • no. ts not surprising when anyone has sift spots. however we all act on the surface we are all human and capable of all the same feelings. not being afraid of dirt has nothing to do with how you feel. one is a physical relationship between yourself and the earth. another is an emotional relationship between the yourself and the world.

    they were not surprised they were uncomfortable with your expression bc it reminds them they are the same inside--for all their posturing.

    • They felt exposed , so they used on you.

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    • focused * on you. (not using.. though in a sense yes actually)

      feelings are not weak* (not we)

      Thank you :-)

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  • Honestly for me no because I know that everyone has a soft spot. Some just hide it better or try not to show it. I'm wondering more as you have always been a tomboy how do the guys react when you clean up and dress all feminine? That might surprise them a heck of a lot more than you having a soft side. You might even find out which guy has a crush on you.

    • Yes that too, there were a couple parties and I actually took my time with my dress and some make-up. Instead of my usual t-shirt, jeans and sneakers I wanted to fix myself.
      It was that day that I got ''you look nice today'' to a "you look more like a girl.. nice".

    • I think of one of my guy friends even likes me. Someone else told me he now sees me differently, not anymore like ''one of your buddies".

    • Well that's good if you want a boyfreind I suggest trying to go for him. My freinds sister is a tomgirl and it is always funny seeing her freinds reactions when she dresses up.

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  • Everybody has soft spots. That is what makes us so special.

  • Based on my experiences, the girls who act tough are usually the most sensitive ones.