Do you think this apology, would hopefully let him forgive me?

I know I have been annoying since the start, and I swear my life I am not usually like that, I don't know why, it's just when you talk to me or when I talk to you, you remind me off my best friend and he had to move a few years ago, and his name was _____ to, and I loved him as a friend, he meant the world to me, and I would do anything to see him! And you just remind me of him, and I just get nervous when I talk to you, I haven't been myself when I text you, I been different, and I guess being different was my mistake, I just don't wanna loose you,:'( but I guess I already did, well I guess I am about to! I love you and I don't care if you like me or not! I'm just sorry and if you ever do talk to me again, I hope we can restart, and I swear on my life, I will be myself, but even if I am and you leave me, I would still cry my eyes out till my tears tried, and my heart will be to broken it starts to throbbed and fall onto the floor where all my broken pieces have been and fall apart more,! I know you are a little bit older, but we can still talk I hope! I showed you the fake me well the nervous me, but if I showed you the real me, I don't know if you would like me or not! I been through a lot this year, this year has been my worse year ever so far, so much things happen, and it is hard for me still, and I just want to talk to you! I know I been annoying, I know you probably hate me, and don't wanna talk to me anymore, I'm sorry though, I been a bitch lately, an annoying Bitch lately too! l So far you seem like a really great guy, and I know you are, and I know you might not wanna talk to me, and I have a feeling its to late to apologize to you:'( </3 !! One more thing I need to say before you might leave me, I will always thank about, even if your not thinking about me, I will always love you, rather you love me or not, last but not least, I AM SUPER SUPER SORRY! I HOPE YOU CAN FORGIVE ME, I WILL MISS YOU ______, I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER, AND HERE! Goodbye, I love u"


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  • Depends on what you did.


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  • Omg
    .. no...
    Don't send him that...
    Just a simple apology and a small explanation will give u closure...

  • Less commas, more periods.