Why is driving so nerve wracking for me? Am I overthinking?

I have had my license for a month now, and I still get nervous behind the wheel.
Well.. not shaking-my-body-off nervous. Just... scared to come to a situation where I will not know what to do. Which, thankfully, hasn't happened yet. Lol. Everyone who I have driven somewhere has said I'm really great. "Better than you think", they said.

I am just really not confident in parallel parking.. or reverse stall parking.. which I am still practicing in empty lots. But still cannot fully grasp, sigh.. and so, I doubt my WHOLE driving skill based on my inability to do these 2 things.

Driving on streets I have never been on before freaks me out too. I literally google map street view anywhere I am about to go to, lol. Finding parking is soo stressful and scary for me still, since I am only confident in driving right into a stall or turning into one (not reverse). Does anyone else feel like this, or is everyone else super confident..


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  • It's really easy. Give it like another month or 2 and it'll be more natural than picking your nose. As for reverse parking. It's not really a skill you need. And the more you drive, the easier it gets. I've been driving since I was 16 and have yet to parallel park... And that's what nearly failed me during my test. As for the new street thing, that's what smart phones are for

    • LMAO you just made me feel sooooo much better, gosh thank you

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  • Driving takes months to YEARS to get good at. Most of the stuff is just practice, and honestly since I never have to parallel park I suck at it too. Parking isn't a big deal though. Just pay attention to the road and be cautious.

  • Just need more practice

  • i was born to drive thats probably why i passed my drivers test the first time, and everyone else around me i know didn't pass the first time. even my family members didn't pass the first time.
    i love driving, i just hate traffic lights and other drivers who do such stupid shit, like pass me just to make a turn in front of me, even tho im going the speed limit.

    • Why do you hate traffic lights?
      Lol omg I definitely hate other drivers thats for sure

    • i hate them cause i have to stop and wait especially when traffic lights are too close together, which is so annoying plus waiting for them to change and they dont, which happens to me a lot. especially when there's no traffic to cross, waste of gas.

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