Should I go or should I stay?

My boyfriend is getting surgery tomorrow morning. He asked me if I could come see him but I told him I don't know since I always get in trouble for seeing him (my family dislikes him a lot) and for using the car. We both dont have our own cars, but before, I would just take one of the family cars in our driveway and go see him when my moms at work. She HATES when I do that, so I stopped...
But my boyfriend said he's really scared and nervous for tomorrow.. he said he just wants to see me before he goes in. :(
He lives 35-ish minutes away from me over the bridge. Taxis are expensive, and the last time I took a bus by myself, I got lost. None of my friends can come with me.. I can't get anyone to drive me. I wouldn't want to be a burden like that to them and I really dont want to get into anymore problem either. Should I stay or should I go?

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  • At your age your parents are done telling you what you can and can't do with your life. Their job is done. However, they do have a lot of experience in life so I would not completely brush off their warning about him. They either see or know something you are missing or do no believe about him.

  • The fact that you even need to ask such a question proves that you aren't good enough for him.

    • ? Come again?

    • "Should I go see my boyfriend before his surgery?" Who needs to ask that?

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