Have you ever banned by whatsapp?

Today i am banned by whatsapp. i think this is the first of kind of case. They banned me for violating terms of whatsapp.

i put screenshot on my social profile and its shared by many of my friends. so i thought this is unique thing happened with me. so i thought to ask here.
i banned by whatsapp for 4 hours because i send one 160 character message consisting information about my newly launched website to just only 40 unknown people related to my business. as per them you can not send many message to people who have not added you in their contact list. for more info https://www.whatsapp.com/faq/en/general/28030003


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  • you were selling something on there?

    • what was the last thing you did on there?
      maybe you called some one bad word or send a nude pic?

    • nope. no this is not a case with me. i dont do such things on whatsapp. i will tell the reason after i receive all the opinion here. and there is nothing naughty or sexy in this story. and whatsapp not ban some one from doing that. as with the new whatsapp feature chat between to person is not traced by anyone not even by whatsapp. so chill!

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  • So, it was an error? On your opinion?


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