What do you think about petty snitchers?

These are people that like to inform for the sake of informing and doing the right thing all the time. They aren't going to gain anything other than an ''ok thank you'' and lastly it's not directly effecting them nor others.

My earliest snitchers:
I was in 3rd grade and a girl snitch on me for having the written words during a spelling test (I just didn't have time to study during that particular week).
Then in 5th grade, a boy named Michael had the nerves to tell our science teacher a week after an exam had been graded about my little cheat notes. Unfortunately for him, my grade didn't change, I easily denied it, teacher believed me and nothing was done.

Adult snitchers:
My mother had a male co-worker in her former workplace that would snitch on every single thing, even if it was meaningless. If someone took an orange and a couple cookies home (it was a cafeteria), he would be snitching right away.


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  • Well thats just the way they are.

    • True and they are a waste of time.

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  • I don't like petty snitchers, but then i don't like people that cheat and food from cafeterias, so i guess it all works out in the end

    • It's one thing to not like that but to continue snitching on them every single time you see it happening when it's not really affecting you... it makes me wonder if they actually have a life.

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    • Ok. My mother's manager at her cafeteria was a lot worse though. He would literally stealing many milk cartons that student didn't use (secretly) and put them in her car. No one would say anything and she got away with it for a while until obviously getting caught. Though, she was in trouble with the law for something else as well.

      We're saints in comparing to what she did.

    • well ex manager... she got fired afterwards...

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