Is she taking advantage of her?

our ex roommate, who was kicked out of the house by my roommate after a huge fight between them, dropped her kids off here. it was only supposed to be for a day. then it turned into a week. then it turned into the summer, without talking to my roommate who is the head of the house. then, after my roommate decided to just cave into this idea about them staying for the summer, our ex-roommate decides to leave where she was staying essentially making her family homeless. she has now started staying with us again, and her kids are saying they are living here, again, without talking to my roommate. the previous fight they had has not been resolved, and yet our ex-roommate has decided she, and her kids, are living here without talking to us. i believe she is taking advantage of things. am i wrong to feel this way, and if i'm not, what do i do about it? should i just let it play out? we only have a 1 bedroom apartment to house 3 of us. now it has become 6 of us.


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  • Yes she is and that's unacceptable of her

    • Thanks. What should I do?

    • Try to kick her out and call social work services. Tell them that you and your roommate can't take deal with this ex-roomate taking an advantage of things. You should try to confront her about it too. You could leave the situation if nothing works. Move out if nothing seems to work.

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