Can American people look at this question please?

I have a question for American people. I'm 19 years old and I want to be American citizen.
I'm at college now and my depertmant is International Relations. I was looking for the ways of to be amerian citizen and ı just find a way. I want to do master degree in USA ( 2 years ) and can I appeal to be American citizenship after master degree?
I can't find the answer for this question anywhere.
I need an answer. Please don't answer if you don't know anything about this question.
If you need the ask someone please ask him and give me an answer.
It is important.
Thanks for your attention.


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  • It depends on where you are from, getting a student visa should be fairly easy. You can apply for a green card and after some period of time you can apply for citizenship. So go google USA green card. It is unlikely that you will be able to go straight for citizenship. If you can't get that right off the bat, you can possibly get an H1B visa if you can go to work for a company that will sponsor you, usually those get prioritized to people in technology fields or people who have very specific skills. Note that the H1B is something that you have to work out with a potential employer and not something you do straight with the government.

    • Yeah ı know green card but it's just a little chance for me.. And ı'm not aplly yet because ı can't go usa now..

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    • @SvetlanaSavachenko yeah but ı don't feel it is a ethical thing.. For girls.. And it's not certain..

    • @Asker Well if it's truly love there's nothing unethical about it. No it isn't a sure thing but it is an option if you can find a woman you love and she loves you back.

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  • Hmm I have friends here on student visas and they have to go right back. You still need to go through the lengthy process though if you want to live here after your schooling. Unless you find someone to marry of course

    • so.. is it possible? without marriage?

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    • But you said yeah it's possible right? I just curious about entartinment and citizenship.
      I don't want to strive for Green Card.
      It's little chance to win it.

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  • Key requirement to becoming an American citizen is to have held a permanent resident permit and lived in the USA for five years. So no, you cannot become a citizen of the US just because you have studied for your master's degree here. Student visa, either F orJ, does not count for the five year rule, it needs to be a permanent resident permit, or in popular language a "green card".

    It's not that easy to become a US citizen.

  • Cliffs?

  • Just marry me.

    • ok ^^

    • What school do you go to? I'll plan for us to meet up.



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