If you had to guess what breeds do you think she is mixed with?

if you had to guess what breeds do you think she is mixed with ?


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  • My wife would say "There's some Corgi in the woodpile."

    • i dont get it

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    • I know what a Corgi looks like I used to have two dogs that were Corgi and German Shepherd mix I have their I have one of them who is Corgi German shepherd and lab but Hachiko the dog in the picture has it really short fur and really wrinkly skin about fluff around her neck above the harness is not her her it's her skin

    • But she is a ress dog so anything in her wouldn't surprise me

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  • Hmm a picture of her standing would have been nice-shepherd and all American mutt. (that coat color, her size)

    • Sorry Hachi is hard to take a picture up because she insist on lying down everytime I try but she is about she is about 2 foot tall

    • maybe lab mix too. Most popular dog-lots of little back yard babies from the dog that jumped the fence, haha.

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  • A courgy and golden retriever.

    • um the fluff around her neck is not fur its wrinkles if i grab the nape of her neck it stretches out to like 2 foot with out her noticing kinda like a sharply lol

    • she is vary short haired

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