Is it a valuable skill in itself to study for hours and hours?

I used to think those who did well in school were clever.

Then I realized well it's a combination of that and also how much effort you put into something.

But that effort too is not something everyone can do. I know for myself too... I just cannot study for hours and hours as in look at a textbook/slides and just keep studying.

I think what matters most is how hard-working you are. You could be smart but if you're not going to sit there and do what you need to or get bored easily, then you will never be anywhere.


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  • Studying for hours upon hours is detrimental to the amount of information you retain actually. You should be taking plenty of breaks in those hours of studying to rest your brain and allow it time to memorize what you have just looked at.

    • That's true. I guess I just respect people who are able to study for a lot of time per day.

      I know for me, I get tired easily especially if the material is not interesting.

      Perseverance is so important when it comes to studying. It's like exercise, you want to take a break from it so bad but it's good for you so you need to keep at it

    • Oh, yeah, I understand that. I just wouldn't always be jealous of those people. They could study for hours and not do as well on the test because they overwhelmed their brains in the process, haha. You can always find ways to reward yourself for studying, too. "I'll study for this long and then do (insert whatever you enjoy doing here: go for a walk, get an ice cream cone, play a video game, etc...)."

    • I don't think I would be jealous of them, I guess I just sometimes wonder what's wrong with me that I can't do that.

      I think it's also that now because I'm older, I can do things I simply couldn't when I was younger.

      Like when I was younger, I remember just not being able to get through large amounts of reading it was a kind of torture for me.

      However now that I'm older, I can do much better on those types of things. I still get extremely intimidated when I come across people with near perfect GPAs because it makes me wonder how much time and effort they put into school. It really is crazy.

  • there's a sweet spot for studying, after about 20-40 minutes your studying potential and ability to remember is near zero (psychologically). So small but frequent is much more efficient than just sitting down and remembering fuck all by the end of it.

    Although i never studied and always came out with really high grades and did well. So it depends on person.

    • Really? I used to be like that (not studying and doing well) but then I realized I should stop.

      I guess a part of it is I just wasn't as sharp anymore but the other part was that I would only do well on things that I was good at. I did terribly in Accounting because of lack of studying properly.

      That's really interesting though that 20-40 minutes is better than studying for hours.

      I never knew that. I should try it

  • This is a fact: the work and dedication is everything.
    I've always been a person that didn't study. I simply never could make myself sit and focus despite knowing I need to and wanting to. It never manifested as an issue because I always did well in school. Though I feel like a failure because I know I could have had straight As and been valedictorian instead of having a 3.8 GPA in high school. Same with college and law school. For years I've dreaded the barrier I wouldn't be able to get through without studying, for I know I do not know how to since I never developed the skill. As of right now I made it through law school and passed the bar exam without studying.
    Turns out I have ADHD, the doctor diagnosed me later year. Yes, after getting through 13 years of regular school, 7 years of college, and the bar. His theory is I have a high enough IQ despite the lack of studying I was still able to succeed on school work and without the red flag of bad grades, the ADHD problems were never noticed.

    I envy people who work hard and study for their achievments, I feel like a fake because I have never done the same. I strongly believe that a good life and success are the products of hard work, thus my guilt.

    • It's an achievement for you to do so well in school despite having ADHD! It's something to be proud of.

      I understand what you mean about being a poser. I felt that way too a lot of the time. I wouldn't/couldn't study as much as my peers and would still do well on tests and feel like hey I'm smarter but secretly feel as though I'm lying to myself. They're able to go on for hours and hours which I couldn't do.

      I used to wonder sometimes if I had ADHD based on this. When I read things too I can't focus properly, the words stumble sometimes. But now I feel as though maybe a part of it is also not being interested in the material.

      I know I had a major anxiety problem and my counsellor told me a part of it is because I don't realize perception versus reality. I think that's true, I always make people out to be more 'perfect' than me. Like I think that they are perfect people and always think about them and whether they are a super human being who can do things I can't.

    • That's amazing that you graduated law school and passed the bar, 7 years of school is no joke.

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