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I don't have any life changing questions today. Thought this was funny and wanted to share it 😁

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  • I think I'm more into intellectually challenging humor...

    • I'm into some stand-up comedy but the two guys I really love are both from Germany, so you wouldn't know them. I'm not very well informed about American comedians. I do like Bill Maher but what bothers me about him (or really about American humor in general) is that the audience seems to expect even the smartest of comedians to go below the belt from time to time. Like... I've never seen an American comedian who doesn't make a penis joke once in a while or uses tons of swear words (such as George Carlin) or uses slapstick humor etc. even if he's actually talking about politics or society or something like that. For example Bill Maher would be 10 times better without all his unnecessary and rather primitive sex jokes.

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