Is having regrets even useful in life?

For instance if I wanted to do something petty, I would without feeling bad whatsoever.

Regrets I considers a waste of time because they are negative feelings. What's so useful about that?

**consider that


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  • The only time regrets are useful to me is when they become a learning experience for present and future to avoid future regrets. Wishing we had a time machine doesn't help a thing.

    • True. For the short time I've been here, it's interesting how there are stories of people making mistakes and regretting them or asking for forgiveness. I have never found myself in that position to be honest.

    • It's kind of human nature, I think, to frame our past into some form of narrative to make sense of who we are and how we became this way. Trouble is that those who dwell excessively on the past tend to miss all sorts of opportunities through that process.

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  • No, having regrets is a basic tool for evolution.

    Having regrets is useful because negative emotions motivate you to not do acts or make decisions or get into situations which are not good for you.

    • Oh ok. So if for instance I played a couple pranks during my HS years on others, one girl seriously doesn't want to run into me (that's what I heard from others) but I don't feel bad at all then there is something wrong with me?

    • In that example, not necessarily. If you don't like the girl nor care about her relationship then nothing bad happened to you so there are no regrets. However, the girl has the regret of ever knowing you so now she has learned after being pranked and now wishes to avoid you.

      I must admit that I am a bit alarmed by your question and most recent example. Either you are rather immature and/or a potential sociopath. I suspect you will become an Objectivist.

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  • I have never heard anyone call regrets useful... so I think it's safe to say no, it's not useful...

    • Exactly. The event already happened, why regret about it?

  • well.

    I think regret COULD be useful. It makes you try harder the next time.

    • I guess. Is it bad that I never felt regret for anything ever in my life?

    • Hmm.

      That's tricky. I think regret is very painful as an emotion.

      However sometimes it's important to have it in order to realize that something is amiss in your life.

      For example, I regret not learning how to swim when I was younger hence I want to learn as an adult.

      If I never felt regret, I'd never learn, know waht I mean?