Does the studying you do in University affect you after you graduate?

The thing is... when I used to study a lot I'd be irritable depressed and worn out.

The effects of that stress would be long after I finished studying. Like my summers would be spoiled too.

Even during school I just didn't know how to chill out and enjoy myself when I used to study a lot.

Now I'm done school, I didn't do as well in my last 2 years. However I often wonder if my peers who did study a lot would have the same mental state of mind as I do? Or will they be stressed and worn out long after graduation/


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  • More than likely the same, due to messing up in high school due to personal reasons and idiocracy, I started to study a lot at college.

    Over time it just bummed me out, and I wanted a break, I've now finished college a few weeks ago and I'm still feeling a bit shitty about working and studying etc.

    • What do you mean you're still feeling shitty about working and studying etc. like you're still sort of stressed?

      Yeah I get that. I used to be like that.

      Do you think in a year or so it won't affect you anymore and you'll be the same as everyone else?

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    • It's really cool that you're 19 and done University what did you study may I ask that?

      I get you completely. I am mad at myself for not doing as well as i could've, but honestly when i think back to the reasons that i was doing well and why I stopped (although I did turn it around in my last year), I understand I'm being too hard on myself.

      Now I try to focus more on setting specific goals for myself and how to achieve them.

      But this state of mind thing does affect me. It just makes me wonder if my peers have a different state of mind than I do because in my graduation ceremony there were people graduating with high distinction... it was really crazy

    • I live in England, so it's the English version of College that I have completed. I initially studied IT, I won't go into detail but one of the tutors mugged me off, it was too late for me to fix it when I got the results, I then proceeded to do a year of business and went for the next level, completing the first year of that before I lost motivation.

      You're probably just naturally a stressy person, like you said, you understand you're being too hard on yourself, and some things are just out of control.

      At the end of the day, I see life like this: Screw how successful or how well other people do, they have their own reasons and a different state of mind, I just try to live for myself, always aiming to be happy for myself. Admittedly I don't always do that, I'll do things for my mother or other reasons, but I'll always attempt for a positive outcome.

      Try not to compete in life I guess.

      Feel free to message me anytime you want to talk about this sort of thing btw! It's my forté!

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  • Yes it does affect you. I think they'll be worn out long after graduation.

    • Really though?

      I studied really really hard in 2nd year of school. Then I took a break. After my break I was like virtually zero. In terms of the effects of all that studying washed out.