Is there such a thing as dumb muscular women?

Like dumb muscular men except female.

Next person with an idiotic answer is getting reported


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  • Probably. I don't know any muscular woman. I know athletic one but muscular to me is someone that is ripped... none of the athletic chicks I know are ripped, most of the athletic guys I know I would consider muscular either. Most of the muscular people I know are short men (usually bald but not always) with a Napoleon complex. They are the guys that usually take it to the next level bitter wise.. wouldn't call them dumb per say. Unless you talking more like dumb jock with the female equivalent would be pretty girls who get by on looks (many have used the term dumb blondes).

    • ahahah not all bodybuilders are midgets but yes proportions fit a physique best from the 5"4-5"9 range.

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    • It's true for the most part. I'll fully admit that I get called hypermasculine sometimes. For a lot of guys they can't handle the steroids and exogenous testosterone.. for me I was like that before bodybuilding. Stereotypes exist for a reason though. Wrote a take on it yesterday because I get dealt with this card so frequently.
      We're not ALL dumb uneducated meatheads like society tells you though. I'm a 3rd year engineering student at chico state now. Not exactly a meathead. The baldness is due to high DHT levels and testosterone. That's why you see that a lot.

    • @Fearless_banana Engineering? Very nice! Goodluck! That should be a very rewarding career... any idea of what you want to do once your out of school?

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  • Sure yeah, if dumb muscular men exist, dumb muscular women exist too


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  • Im sure there is...


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