I feel incredibly depressed, its overwhelming. I don't know what to do anymore?

Today was possibly the worst day in quite a while.
It hit me REALLY hard, how truly useless I am.
There's no such thing as "you're not".
Honestly, I am so stupid. I'll never get a job.
I'll have no future. I hate everything about myself. I hate my family. They're not violent or abusive or anything, but they never understand what I feel and a small little kid talking to them about this kind of thing, they just laugh and ask if I'm feeling ok.
And no "treatment" will ever solve this. This is no simple matter to be solved by popping pills into me and expecting human emotions to just float away.
I'm only being realistic here aren't I?
It's making me mad how all the solution is is "treatment"."treatment treatment treatment". No. I don't feel that any "chemicals are missing from my brain". I'm only facing the reality of what I really am. I'm sorry. I just had to vent. I haven't been able to stop crying though. I start writing about myself in my diary too and the tears just naturally flow. Any ideas how to stop? It's 5 am, I should really sleep soon before they get actually wake up and realise I'm not asleep yet..

Please help..


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  • Hard love.
    My dad didn't listen to that. He literally pulled me out of bed, and gave me a kick in the ass!! He said he had a job interview lined up, for a summer job, and if I didn't get the job, I should come home, pack my things and get out!! HE SEEMED SERIOUS!!
    I did get the job, and looking back, I think he made sure. But he knew I needed that 'THREAT' that I thought was real!!
    He never hugged me, or let me cry, or anything!! If I was crying for anything, he would just say "Stop that crying, or I will give you something to cry ABOUT!!"
    Tough LOVE, but in his way, that's how he knew, from his father, and his father's father.
    Sometimes, it can be useful, and motivating, and for some people, the CHALLENGE, alone, can motivate them to be better, and do what they can, even when they are unsure!!
    Using that as a guide, I would say some things, to you, that maybe you won't like, but maybe they might help!! I'm old enough to be your father, but I am not, but I want you to listen, and trust me, OK?
    Stop feeling sorry for yourself!! I don't know you, but I DO KNOW, that you can't be as bad as you say, feeling sorry for yourself!!
    Stand up, and be confident, in YOU!! YOU are the ONLY ONE, on the WHOLE PLANET, LIKE YOU!! That, alone, is FCKING AMAZING!!
    Stop complaining, and whining, and figure out what you are good at!! Yeah, you can try, and fail at different things, a DOZEN times, but maybe the NEXT THING is the ONE!! That thing that YOU do, AMAZING!!!
    Thomas Edison tried for YEARS, to make a light bulb, and he kept failing, over and over!!
    Did he give up, and accept it? NO!! He finally figured it out, and he said that 10,000 attempts weren't 'failures' but many ways that didn't work!!
    Make YOUR life WORK!! Imagine what you want it to be, and make it happen!! It might take time, trial and error, but NOBODY is EVER 'Stupid'!!
    You don't have to listen to the others, and believe what they say about you! How do they know? Maybe they are the 'Stupid' ones, not seeing what you can do, and be, and become!!

    • I appreciate it, but I'm not capable of anything. No one labels me stupid, at least not to my face, but no one helps me either. There are.. so many things I wanted to talk with my parents about. So many things I wanted to experience. But they're also working. And they're not even some kind f businessman or business woman. But they're always working. And it makes me really mad. Because I'm. not good at anything. I am literally not good at anything. Math is my worst subject and I'll probably end up being some kind of hobo. Nothing can help me improve, I even took lessons. Nothing helps. I'm also really lazy. I tried to wite a book.. as in, one chapter.. I never finished. I am not good at sports or anything athletic , I get tired very easily especially since I have asthma too. Babies hate me and always give me weird faces whenever I see one. I hate teenage kids and adults too and I don't explain things well, I don't want to be a teacher or astronaut or mechanic or anything. I just suck.

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    • Thank you for all your kind words and help but I just.. No. No. I can't even cope with existing or stop these stupid tears that don't do anything.. I don't think I'll ever change how I feel since when I set my mind on something it's incredibly rare to change what I feel 😢

    • Maybe you need to see a professional, maybe there is something you need help with.

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  • This is coming from someone who has dealt with depression. You need to change your mindset. Do you know how selfish you are being? Do you only think about yourself? Think of your family and your peers for once. Your parents work hard to get you a future, and you're not going to appreciate it and work hard? How about the friends who need you to be there for them? Do you really think you're hopeless? People work so hard for you, so you won't be. So be thankful, and work hard. Get yourself the future you need, because others have gotten half of it for you. You can soar, as long as you change your attitude. Dude, even Kim Kardashian is successful. Anyone can be successful. So stop thinking you're depressed. I'm not saying you aren't. I'm just saying you should hurry and turn yourself around, so you'll have less regrets in the future. Don't waste time crying. Use that time to prepare for your bright future, or it'll never come.

    • It's not a bright future. I have no future. I'm scared because I know this is true - all I see in my future is a void. A void and that's it. I don't have a future.
      I.. dot know anything. And I have no idea why my parents are working so hard. I also have two other sisters. The eldest one is working abroad in London and she's intelligent and studies and works really hard, but her personality is of quite.. the asshole, and a racist. The middle one is an idiot with a humongous horrible personality and of a hypocrite. I hurt so many people with my actions and cursing and whatnots, and I have no intelligence especially regarding maths which is my worst subject and I will never improve or become anything. I absolutely hate existing. My friends.. well. It's only a small group in school, but I don't understand why theyre my fiends. I'm not extremely close with them that I tell them about my depression, I only tell this one girl and I feel bad for worrying her.

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    • No I don't..

    • Ok, good. Most people's profiles are fake.

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  • It's likely not chemicals missing from your brain as much as just childhood angst that we all went through.

    • No, that's not it.. I am a literal waste of a human. All I do is waste resources to sustain my useless survival and I hurt people with my words and actions by being so stupid. But I'm too much of a coward to do anything about ceasing my existence. I just.. feel horrible. I guess I'm posting this to see if anyone else feels the same way honestly, because I really don't think I can get over this.

    • As I said, we've all felt that way at one time or another. It's something to do with the puberty hormones kicking in. Same reason that a lot of women get depressed and cry for no reason every 28 days. Hormones are rough on females.

  • why are you feeling like this? what would make you happy? in my opinion i think you need a big long hug and to be held, kissed on your forehead and showed that your loved more than anything. and told how incredible you are.

    • Nobody's done that.. in a long time. And I don't want them to.. there is no reason to. I don't know why I feel like this.. I already knew that I felt like this for years and years but now I dont know why.. today I've spent from 1 am till now, 6 am, just crying. It hasn't been this bad for so long and I don't know how to stop it.

    • well i guess no one can help you, but you, or a doctor. and a lot of pills.
      personally if i was a girl i would never feel like that, try being a guy and experience "real" emotional pain from never being loved and never have sex. and the only cure would be with having a girlfriend, but its impossible to have one.

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