A new guy friend of mine called a good friend (girl) of mine.. A derogatory name?

It starts with s and ends with t. I'm sure you can guess it.. And the way he said it was insulting.. Even though it is.. True. I mean my friend is a bit.. You know.
And I like this dude (as a friend only obviously lol) and he's really cool. A bit mean but he's so nice at the same tome.. And I don't want lose such a crazy cool friend.. Haha
But that friend (girl) of mine Hates his guts.. -sighs-
Do u think I'm a bad girl for befriending such a guy? Should I stay away from him just cause my friend doesn't get along with him?


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  • You aren't a bad person for befriending him. It wasn't you who called her a slut. You should tell him that he shouldn't have said it because he might have offended your friend and you do not want to start drama that way.

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