Can I have help to stop panicking?

so tomorrow I'm going to be flying for 10 hours from Vancouver to Japan. I first of all hate flying period. I am terrified of heights. Last time I was on a plane I got really high anxiety I nearly passed out. This time I'm going over the ocean. I am panicking already so much and I don't leave till morning. I just want someone to tell me how they cope with flying anxiety and just to help me from panicking.

The 9 hour plane ride was t bad after our takeoff. The flight did feel like forever though.


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  • Just breathe, take a moment, and breathe again. I have some Beliefs, and a Way, that I follow, and I have the same fears, as you, but they don't bother me, because of what I TRUST and KNOW.
    Ever seen an Eagle fly? Or a hawk? They have no fear of heights. They know their wings, they trust them, and they fly.
    It is much the same with planes!! They fly, because of their wings, the physics, the science!
    Are you Religious?

    • I go to a catholic school. But thanks this really helped me.

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  • Play flight stimulator.
    And what's the worst that could happen? You would die. Everyone has to die. Valar Morgulis.

  • Just try your best to stay calm

    • That's hard for me to do 😂

    • Well I've been on a plane before honestly after the take off it just feels like a bus ride in the air, the worst parts are the landing in take off. Honestly the take off feels like a rollercoaster lol.

  • You need drugs, honestly. Just make sure to time it right.

    • I have some gravol that it supposed to help fall asleep

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