Crazy or mental breakdown?

So earlier this night, I showed up at my ex’s house, honked my horn for a good 7 seconds (which is a long time in horn honking time) after thoroughly getting enraged at the sound of his laughter through the open window. Then I proceeded to throw a regifted glass vinegar bottle at his window. It bounced off and hit the ground. But before all of this, I had taken the stuffed animal he got me for Valentine’s Day, put it in front of my tire and drove over it, then reversed, then drove over it again. So back to the glass bottle to the window…he and his roommate came out to see what was going on and I said, “Come face me like a man.” He had said a bunch of messed up, antagonistic things to me basically smearing in my face how he was going to bust his a** working hard for the next girl he dates although I spent three years being loyal, waiting for that effort, and being utterly betrayed in the process. He was so degrading and mean in his texts yet refused to pick up the phone or meet up so I went there for him to face me like the grown ass 28 year old he is.

After he closed the door and went back inside, I proceeded to decapitate the stuffed animal with my bear hands by ripping my sharp nails into the neck line then tearing it apart. I then sprawled his little fluffy body on my ex’s car. After that I took the necklace he bought me (from Wal-Mart, cheap ass) which had previously been smashed by a hammer at home and threw it into his car. I spat on his car three or four times. *sighs* I feel better about the world now. He planted a lot of painful rage and this is what it led up to. Not to mention I previously found out that my time on Earth may be short and that my father may be terminally ill. Full of stress I am.

Crazy or mental breakdown? Do you think he deserved this?

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Also, when he smirked in my face and said “You’re embarrassing yourself; you’re a joke.” I yelled “Your penis is a joke. I’ll never see your neighbors again; you have to look at their faces all the time.” When he slammed the door in my face, I said, “F*** your mother for breeding something like you. Her womb is a failure.” When I was giving him his (smashed) necklace back by putting it in the car *the sunroof was open* he dramatically yelled, “Don’t couch my car! I’ll call the cops.” ...
“I’m not touching your cheap ass, ugly, worthless car; I’m giving you your cheap necklace back, asshole.” I also talked about how he’s a whore and he sh*ts all over his religion. Reflecting back on it, I basically publicly emasculated him and humiliated him in front of his neighbors. What do you think of the situation? Did he deserve that? How do you think it made him feel?


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  • You are one crazy bitch

    • There’s no crazier bitch than whatever bitch in heat let your father impregnate her.

    • If you’re going to insult me like a coward while you hide behind anony, abusing the feature, then you won’t have the opportunity to participate here.

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  • I feel like you need a hug and I don't blame you for breaking down

    • Thanks for being so compassionate

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    • *Not you under 18, but the fake 30 something yr old anonymous user*

      In case the anonymous 25-29 year old, who’s acting more like a 5-9 year old, comes back to my post where his mind and mouth is not valued nor important and skims around: I didn’t read your useless post because like I said, YOU’VE BEEN BLOCKED. You do not get to force your presence where it’s not wanted, honey. You wasted your time creating another account that can be linked back to your current one and potentially get your account terminated. Silly boy. YOU are the pussy for having to hide your face in order to talk shit and he only one crying here is you because you got dismissed. Bye, sweetie.

    • Thanks for MH!

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  • Seems like you had a mental break down. Were you embarrassing yourself? Yes. Anyone who would harm you never cared about you to begin with. Unfortunately it seems as those who put their all and expose their hearts tend to get with someone who will not do the same. It's okay though, if you've put forth the effort then that is all that matters. The best thing to do is move forward and be happy. I remember having an emotional break down but I never got violent with it. I could only imagine the feelings you must have felt and for that I can sympathize. But don't let anyone antagonize you so much so you behave out of character. He could've had you arrested at any point, and if not him then certainly one of the neighbors. He's their neighbor not you. If anything you look like the crazy one and he is the victim of your antics. Just let it go, worry about yourself and your dad. You've got more important things to focus on.

    • The ridiculous thing though? I don’t feel embarrassed at all. His nosey neighbors were inside of the house, this happened late at night. The ones who could see me couldn’t really see me because it was dark. So even if we do see each other again, they probably won’t even know it was me and if they do…I sincerely don’t gaf, damn it was worth it. Thanks for the great advice though. You are so right…I was really reckless and irresponsible. Glass could have gotten into my eye for goodness sake! The neighbors were probably too entertained to put an end to it; this went on for like an hour :/

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    • *sigh of relief* You’re right. As damn good as that felt, it didn’t solve the real issue. Time to put that workshop in my heart to use! Ty

  • I'm sorry but this is kind of funny... you decapited a bear with your hands? Poor bear! You need a hug and some ice cream

    • It was a lion holding a heart. I wasn’t even aware that I did it at first until I felt the stuffing popping out so I just ripped off the head. There’s broken glass and toy stuffing on the sidewalk. *sighs* some ice-cream does sound delightful right now. Is it horrible that apart of me feels good knowing that I went out with a bang? I don’t care how crazy I looked; I know it stung to see that necklace bent from a hammer and the stuffed animal torn to shreds.

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    • Lol, you are right damn it! THANK YOU. I can finally live my life now that I've stepped out of that tar pit

    • You're very welcome😊 go to bed!

  • You are the epitome of the crazy ex girlfriend. Holy shit.

    • Not really. It’s not like I tried to poison him. Plus the only reason all of this even happened is because he decided to smear his future of being better for someone else in my face after I had gone through YEARS of depression and heartache being loyal to him then he blocked me like a coward leaving me to deal with the anger from that comment on my own. So I brought the anger to his doorstep and left it there where it belonged.

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    • Well it's over now. I'd suggest perhaps if something ever happens again like this (and hopefully it doesn't!) that you may want to try to handle it with more indifference. Your actions just give more power---he can see that he hurt you and might thrive off of that. Give them NO reaction and it crushes them.

    • yeeeeeeaaahhhh, that was NUTS. Morning after and I'm just like "... was that real life?" He definitely showed what everyone told me all along: he ain't shit.

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