Girls, Are shirtless selfies conceited?

I just curious...


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  • I'm biased. To me *personally* shirtless selfies scream "no life" or "fuckboy who gets it with randoms online." I'd rather see a fun picture of you and your friends, your crazy Halloween costume, you and your family (I dunno, something funny, memorable situations, et cetera). Either great photos or things of a social nature are much more attractive in general. Selfies of a vain and non-ironic nature are annoying and socially inept.

    That's just my opinion

    • What about girls posting bikini photos is that conceited?

    • I think it's equally dumb. Like at least stand with some friends or something, or be partially submerged in a pool. Know what I mean? Selfies are the worst.

      Exceptions for Instagrams: GoPro or selfie stick in some wild-ass location. Those are tolerable for both men and women.

    • I could write a fucking handbook on social mores and etiquette. Consult me me in approximately a year. lol

  • Si. They come off as desperate.

  • Not necessarily. However, shirtless FLEXING selfies do make me cringe like nothing else.