I'm afraid to go back to college this next year because of a guy who stalked me & became obsessive this past year... What do I do?

I'll be a senior at a private college come Septmeber. This past March I met a guy. We clicked right away and started hanging out regularly for about 2 weeks before I had to let him down due to change of heart. We never were a couple but had made out a few times, no sex. At first he was quite upset, then he asked to remain friends and hang out. So we did, but I noticed he would try to manipulate me or make advances on me sexually as we would hang out so I finally told him that we could no longer hang out. For the remainder of the school year he would go through cycles of silence, then text me late at night after drinking and taking adderal, and in the texts he would be malicious and accuse me of "hustling him" and then how much he cared about me, how during that 2 week period it was the happiest he had been in his life, he never felt that way towards anyone before, that he is so grateful for my existence and having met me knowing he could feel that way about someone and he's glad I'm alive and wishes to be my friend, then come morning he would apologize profusely. One morning he stood outside my dorm room door and kept asking to see me right then and there. I told him no over and over, but he kept standing there and said how about a hug, please open the door, please please... Until he finally left. That's when I cut all contact with him.. And it turned for the worst. He would show up in places he would know I would be. He'd walk by my classes. Then he sent me suicidal text messages late at night the last week, of which he said he has dreams and voices telling him to kill himself. When I told his friends they told me he was fine. I became very scared and lived off campus my last week because he kept showing up in places I'd be and just stare at me with this empty gaze that still scares me today. This next year he will be there again as will I... I am afraid to go back. He is into shooting guns for fun, he takes drugs.. And drinks.. I'm honestly very afraid.

He has told me he loves me too. Oh and during the first month of summer he sent me 4 long text messages one night... Saying how he wished he had the chance to have slept with me and how the other guy I was seeing was a lucky man. Then how he is still open to hang out this summer since he will be at the campus all summer and I live somewhat close by.


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