Do you think Palpatine is an Alpha male and talented leader (disregarding his evilness)?

He put an end to corruption and unnecessary bureaucracy, and according to Star Wars Legends, under his reign, the society enjoys safety, peace, and prosperity, and really not much oppression as many imagined.
I really like him, and he kind of my role model for being a strong and talented leader.


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  • not really. He got his way by being a snake not really by being dominant.

    • Yes, he is a serpent, but he does solve the problems which persisted for many years while no one solved. And he is strong, determined, and confident.

    • Maybe but I don't think he did it by being an alpha though

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  • he's an alpha since he's a leader


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  • He was not a talented leader but a cunning manipulative dictator/ boss. A real man leads by example, not like a boss.

    • Yes, but who else solved those problems? All those politicians can't solve real problems, but just talk loud and long. And like I said, he is confident, and people do find peace, safety, and prosperity according to Star Wars Legend.

    • I am not denying that he indeed solved a lot of issues. Sometimes a dictator can lead to more prosperity (at the exchange of liberty), but that does not change the fact that he is a boss and not a leader. An alpha inspires others to follow, he doesn't command them to do it.